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Just write

Write every day. It doesn’t matter what you write about or how awful it is. It doesn’t matter if you are in the zone or in left field. Just write, and do it every single day.

I’ll admit that I’ve been hesitant to write here lately. The reasons aren’t important right now, but after a few days and conversations with friends I’m back in the right frame of mind. So I’ll write some more.

I don’t know what will come of it or what I will talk about, but the therapeutic outlet it gives me is nothing I can walk away from easily. I’ve simply adjusted my sails and have become more mindful of the effect my writing may have on others. I like to share my life with all of you and will continue to do so, and it will probably be easier and more introspective now, and yet more controlled.

I’m still the same old me, and I hope you look forward to reading more from me. I hope to do it every day, no matter the quality of the content. I enjoy having you read along, but I don’t write for anyone but me. I’m excited to get rolling again.

Protected Posts

This post is just to let you know that there will likely be protected or private posts in the future.  I want to do some journaling, but I don’t want everyone to see it.  The reasons for this are not important to anyone but me. If you see a post that you can’t read, it’s likely protected.  You’re welcome to ask me to read it, but I may not allow you.  It’s nothing personal.

Write every day

I’m still one to make New Year’s Resolutions, and like just about everyone I know, I never follow through on them.  I’ve resolved to lose weight and get in better shape for probably each of the last 15 years, and this year is no different.  Again I think I’m going to get up at 4:15 tomorrow and get on the treadmill and eat a good breakfast and be at work by 6:15.

Getting healthier gets more important every year, and now that I’m 40 I feel I need to finally grow up and get it done.  2012 did nothing to improve my health, as I exercised maybe ten times and continued to sit in front of a computer for 8+ hours a day for my job, and then again for a couple hours a night after work.  If I sprinted to the mailbox and back I’d be wiped out for hours.  I used to be an athlete.  I played sports regularly and was in relatively good shape, but since we had kids I’ve been lazy.

Anyway, that’s all excuses.  I hope I don’t use them anymore.

Other than exercise, a resolution I made for 2013 is to write much more regularly, and I plan to write every single day.  I’m not often inspired to write, but I think I should continue to write if I want to be better at it.  It may be here on this site, which I’ve cleared just for this purpose, or it might be privately via journaling on my own or even screenwriting.  Please don’t dump me if something I write is crappy, because I just want to practice, for the most part.  To be honest, I don’t really expect anyone to keep along with me.  That’s not what this resolution is about.  I’m happy if you’re along at some point, though.  So this is today’s writing.