I am phenom, and have made my presence known at several sites and messageboards dedicated to sports games, mainly baseball and football.  Beyond that, I’ve run a sort of off-topic forum and helped with some other things.  I’ve since moved from that into this blog.

I live somewhere that’s cold in the winter and hot and humid in the summer with my wife, pgoodness and two sons. Shooshoo is the older one and he just turned four years old and Googstar, his younger brother, is two.  We have two dog and two cats, and our grass grows way too fast for my liking.

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  1. Feter says:

    Sir Namaste From Devsingh Gurung, Farnborough UK. It is not best time to comment. I know it is too late. Anyway thank you. It is alyaws nice to hear from such a respected known person. As a Ghandruke I feel shame that you(Respected Sir) represent the voice of Ghandruk instead of genuine Ghandruke person. I offer many thanks behalf of all oversea’s Ghandruke. At last extent our warm regards to Dharmashila madam and all family. Devsingh Gurung( Gahira Gaun,8) Farnborough(U.K)

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